The Many Faces of Parkinson’s Disease

Panelists living with Parkinson’s share their personal stories and discuss how the disease varies from person to person.

PANELISTS: John Lipp; Anna Mee; Manny Torrijos
Seeing a Movement Disorder Specialist: What to Know, Ask and Expect

A movement disorder specialist demonstrates an appointment with a Parkinson’s patient and their care partner.

PANELISTS: Lawrence Severt, MD, PhD; Brian and Cadi Stephenson
Parkinson’s Research: The Road Ahead

Hear about progress in the effort to develop therapies to slow Parkinson’s and treat symptoms.

PANELISTS: Jeff Bronstein, MD, PhD; Brian Fiske, PhD; Kathleen Poston, MD, MS
You, Your Loved One and Parkinson’s Disease

Learn strategies to help caregivers and their loved ones navigate a diagnosis.

PANELISTS: Jenn Haraja; Jim and Roberta Hurd; Marguerite Manteau Rao, MS, MBA, LCSW
I’m Still Wondering About...

Attendees ask their remaining questions in a smaller group setting.

PANELISTS: Salima Brillman, MD; Brian Fiske, PhD; Michael Pauletich
Keep Your Balance: Caring for Mind and Body with Parkinson’s

Panelists discuss how to build a care team to address all aspects of life with Parkinson’s

PANELISTS: Nicholas B. Galifianakis, MD, MPH; Alyssa Glanzman, MS, CCC-SLP; Barbara Luedtke, PT, MS, MPA; Chrystallynn Lewis, MSW

Research and the Importance of Patient and Family Education

A clinical researcher explains the importance of clinical trials and the need to keep patients and families updated on current Parkinson’s research.

Kathleen Poston, MD, MS
The Importance of Building a Care Team

A nurse practitioner highlights the benefit of building a care team, including specialists and allied health care professionals.

Joan Miravite, RN, BSN, MSN, FNP-BC
Parkinson’s Disease: A Cause for Transformation

Hear how Manny’s diagnosis helped him answer the question, “What matters to me?”

Manny Torrjios and J.S. Tan
The Importance of Care Partners

Jim, a person living with Parkinson’s, and his wife Roberta share how they care for each other.

Jim and Roberta Hurd
Focus on What You Love: Pushing Through Parkinson’s Disease

John discusses his road to diagnosis and how his support system helps him live well with the disease.

John Lipp and Peter Lunny